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If you want to carry out sales pricing for a project for which there is no inquiry, access sales pricing from the Structure linkProject Builder.

As part of this process, you can:

In the process, you can generate as many sales pricings as you want, and save and compare them in documents.

For more information, see Recording Planned Revenues.


Make the following settings in the Project System IMG, under Revenues and Earnings ® Integration with SD Documents ® Create Quotations and Project Billing ® Maintain Profiles for Quotations and Project Billing.

If you have not assigned a billing element to the inquiry item, the system records the planned revenue in the billing element higher up in the hierarchy.

You must choose an account assignment category that allows project account assignment.

Plan project costs using Easy Cost Planning.

Process Flow

  1. Create a new project, or access an existing one, in the Project Builder.
  2. You do not need to save the project before accessing the sales pricing.
  3. The system determines the sales price on the basis of the data in Easy Cost Planning, which you also maintain from the Project Builder. Sales price processing is described in detail in Sales Pricing for Project Assigned Customer Inquiries.
  4. The system automatically refreshes the costing data already saved when you access sales pricing again. The settings you have maintained manually remain in place. However, if you have changed the ordering party, DIP profile, or sales organization data in the meantime, the system calculates the costing data afresh. A system message tells you that your manual settings have been lost in this event.


If you have adopted the sales price as the target value in the billing plan, the system records the sales price as planned revenue in the project.

The integration of the sales pricing with the project builder means that you can use just one tool to control the whole business process, from creating the project to executing sale pricing.



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