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cFolders administration is one of the three administration functions in cFolders. The cFolders administrator makes the system settings here for the scenarios and object types you want to make available in cFolders and for the cFolders layout, and the PGP file encryption.


You have been assigned the cFolders Administrator role (SAP_CFX_CFOLDERS_ADMINISTRATOR).

The system only displays the cFolders Administration function in the overview tree if you have cFolders administration authorization.


You can make the following settings under cFolders Administration:

       1.      On the General (content administration) tab page you can:

        Choose the scenario or scenarios and the object types that are to be made available to the user.

        Activate the diagnosis settings

You make the Diagnosis tab page available under Settings. On the Diagnosis tab page you can choose whether the system is to display the text IDs of all texts that appear on the cFolders interface as well as the trace (only important for correcting software errors).

        Reset the default settings and languages that are provided in the cFolders system.

       2.      On the Layout (layout administration) tab page you can:

        Change the appearance of cFolders

You can save graphics (for example, files in the formats: *.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif) as logos or enter a style sheet.

       3.      On the Encryption tab page you can:

        Activate PGP support

In doing this you specify whether the system can only add files to a document that are encrypted in accordance with the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) standard.


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