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Procedure documentation Creating Objects in the Control Plan  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can generate inspection plans and routings in an SAP system from the control plan. You system administrator specifies:

        Whether inspection plans only, routings only, or both are created

        How many plans are generated per control plan

        Whether an object link should be generated automatically for the new plan on creation

You can generate inspection plans and routings only once for a control plan. If you want to generate them a second time, you must first create a new control plan version.



        Your system administrator activated the generation function in Customizing for Collaboration Projects: See the BAdI: Object Creation in Control Plan activity. If this is not done, the corresponding pushbuttons are not active.

        You can only generate objects for control plans that have been released.

        You opened a control plan in the Control Plans initial view.


       1.      Set a filter.

The filter determines which data from the control plan is transferred.

       2.      Choose Generate Objects.

You receive a success message once the system has created the object in the SAP system.

       3.      Call the SAP system to call the inspection plans or routings and edit them. The relevant functions can be found in the SAP menu under Logistics Quality Management Quality Planning Inspection Planning Inspection Plan and Routing.


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