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Concrete project in which a virtual team made up of members from different areas works together on an enterprise-wide basis.

A folder hierarchy and its related objects, for example, documents, help to structure and visualize a complex project transparently.


Depending on whether a team project (that is, a collaboration) is to be carried out in a purely collaborative or in a competitive environment, the project leader (that is, the collaboration owner), creates his or her collaboration in the Collaborative Scenario or in the Competitive Scenario. (In Standards the owner can create collaborations for storing folder objects that are used as standard.) Accordingly, the potential collaboration participants, depending on whether they are internal team members or bidders competing with one another and who create their bids in cFolders, work either on collaborations in the collaborative scenario and in the public area of the competitive scenario, or in (Partner) work areas of the competitive scenario.

Therefore, no work areas intended for a competitive scenario can be created for collaborations in the collaborative scenario. Only the public area exists here.


A collaboration is composed of a public area (and in a competitive scenario, also of diverse work areas), and typically a hierarchy of folders and subfolders in which the different objects required for the collaboration are clearly structured. The following folder objects can be created in a collaboration:


        Data sheets


        Bills of material

        Generic objects




These represent the objects that the various collaboration participants work on and with in a collaboration.


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