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Profile that you use to control and monitor the workflow according to which particular objects in cFolders (for example, documents) are processed.


Restricting the Use of Status Profiles

It is now possible to restrict the use of a status profile to an object type. You do this on the status profile detail screen. You must do this if you want to define that certain fields in a generic object cannot be changed in a particular status. For more information, see Status and Authorizations for Generic Objects.

Once the use of a status profile has been restricted to an object type, it can only be used by this object type. Objects of this type, however, do not have to use this status profile. When you assign a status profile to an object manually, you can select from the general status profiles that are available and the status profiles that have been specifically restricted to this object type.

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If a status profile is already being used, you cannot change this restriction. You must first revoke any assignments of the status profile. If you copy a status profile that is restricted to a particular object type, this assignment is also copied. You can, however, change it in the copy.


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