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You can assign a group of users to different folders, objects, or even entire areas. Once created, a user group is available in any collaboration in the collaborative or competitive scenario.

You need authorization to be able to create user groups. The role SAP_CFX_USERGROUP_CREATOR gives you this authorization. (In the Settings B Roles menu, you can check which roles were assigned to you.)

Anyone with write authorization or higher can edit a user group. A user must have at least read authorization to use a user group.

User Groups can contain other user groups as well as users so that user groups can be structured hierarchically. Therefore, user groups can reflect your organization structures.

By selecting User Groups in the overview tree, you will see the list of user groups where you have at least read authorization.

If you add a user group to an authorization list of users, all users of a selected group and the user groups contained are copied into the authorization list. Authorization groups appear for selection when assigning authorizations but are then expanded to list each user individually. This avoids a user being assigned to two different authorization types

Users and groups of users are listed together in the drop down list box on the user selection screen. User groups are distinguished from user by the [..] Symbol.


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