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You use this function to make cProjects documents available in virtual rooms in the SAP Enterprise Portal. This gives you a single point of access to all documents you work with in your enterprise. For more information, see SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver under SAP NetWeaver 2004 SAP NetWeaver People Integration Collaboration User Guide Working with Virtual Rooms.


In addition to creating virtual rooms, cProjects also allows integration with cFolders. The two applications focus on different areas:

      Virtual rooms focus on the collaboration between different departments within a single enterprise. Together with cProjects, virtual rooms help you coordinate your project participants.

      cFolders focuses on exchanging technical documents and product structures, such as bills of material or iPPE structures, between external partners. When used in conjunction with cProjects, external project participants can complete tasks without having to access the cProjects system.


      You have set up virtual rooms in the SAP Enterprise Portal.

      Your system administrator has activated this function in Customizing for Collaboration Projectsby choosing Define Project Types and created Webservice ports by choosing Create Logical Ports.

      SAP supplies the standard template cProjects_Standard_Template for virtual rooms in cProjects. The template uses the cProjects KM Content (WebDAV) page ( in the SAP Enterprise Portal. The page contains the iView Admin Explorer KM WebDAV ( You can only use this template if you implement WebDAV.

For more information about the prerequisites for WebDAV, see Defining the WebDAV URL.

      To create a virtual room, you need write authorization for the relevant project element.


Creating a Virtual Room

You can create a single virtual room for each project element in a project structure. You cannot assign rooms that already exist.

When you create a room, the system automatically creates all project participants of the project element and lower-level project elements as room members, provided that they have a user in the SAP Enterprise Portal. The system assigns the initial role specified in the template to the room members. The room owner and the project element responsible are also assigned the administrative role that was specified in the template. If you use the cProjects standard template, the system assigns the room members the following standard room roles:

      The user who created the room and the project element responsible are both assigned the administrator and member roles.

      All other project participants are assigned the member role.

Initial roles and administrator roles are defined in the template. If you use a different template, you can define other roles. The room details show you which initial roles and which administrator roles are specified in the template.

Adding or Deleting Project Participants at a Later Date

      If you delete project participants of a project element at a later date, the system does not delete these room members in the SAP Enterprise Portalautomatically. You can delete them manually.

      If you add project participants to a project element at a later date, they do not automatically become members of the virtual room. You can either create the project participants as room members manually or use the Assign Rolesfunction.

Assigning Roles

The Assign Roles function allows you to assign a number of selected roles to all project participants in a virtual room. Even project participants who were not members of a room are assigned these roles. The selection you make here overwrites the roles used so far.


Note that all project participants then have the same roles for the virtual room. The room owner and the project element responsible keep the administrative role specified in the template, in addition.

Editing the Virtual Room from cProjects

      If you are a member of a room, you can branch to the room by clicking the name of the room. You have to log on to the SAP Enterprise Portal. Depending on your authorization, you see the document structure of the project element whose room you have opened.

      Click Detail to display the room’s administrative data.

      You can also delete the room.

Making Changes to a Virtual Room in the SAP Enterprise Portal

Changes to the room members in the SAP Enterprise Portal are not automatically transferred to cProjects. You can do this manually.


If you add room members to a room in the Portal, these members do not automatically have access to the contents of cProjects because cProjects authorizations are required for this. The room members are only granted access to cProjects content once they have been assigned to the appropriate project element in cProjects as a project participant.

If you delete a room that is assigned to a project element in cProjects, you have to delete this assignment manually in cProjects too.


To create a room, choose Create Room in the lower half of the Collaborations tab page and enter your data. You can use categories to filter the rooms in the room directory in the SAP Enterprise Portal. If you select Send Confirmation, the room members receive an e-mail informing them that they are assigned to the room and they receive a link to the room.

All cProjects documents of the project element for which you are creating the room are available in the room once it has been created. DMS documents are not available.


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