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The authorization holders to whom you grant authorization for a project element must have at least display authorization for the project definition that belongs to the project element. Otherwise, he or she will not be able to open a project element even if they have authorization to do so.

Here you can assign authorizations for an object or change authorizations. You save your entries by saving the project.


         You cannot make any changes if you opened a snapshot.

         The authorizations you enter for templates are only authorization templates: They are not used for the authorization check in the template, but in the operational project. When you create an operational project in the template they are copied to the project.

         The authorizations you specify for user groups are only valid for the actual user group and not for the project elements to which you assign the group later on. You need at least read authorization for a user group to be able to use it in a project.

         In the authorization holder type Roles, the roles are not the project roles you can create yourself in cProjects, but the roles that your system administrator created in SAP authorization management.

For more information, see Authorizations.


        You accessed project processing through one of the following initial views:



        Checklist Items

        User Groups


        You are on the Authorizations tab page on the sub-tab page with the authorization holder type for which you want to add, change, or delete authorizations.


Adding Authorization Holders


       1.      Choose Add.

The system opens an input area.

       2.      Enter the data of the new authorization holder.

If you enter incomplete data and choose Enter, the system checks whether it can assign a unique user and then adds the missing data automatically if possible. You can use placeholders (* and +) here too.

A search function is also available.

       3.      Select one or more authorizations from the search results.

       4.      Choose Copy.

       5.      Add more authorization holders or close the input area.

Changing Authorizations


Change the authorizations in the table.


You cannot change your own authorizations for Admin, Write, Read, or No Authorization.

Deleting Authorization Holders


Note that you can only delete authorizations at the level at which you assigned them. Therefore, you cannot delete inherited authorizations.


Select an authorization holder in the list and choose Delete.


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