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You use this function to create, edit, and delete versions. There are global versions and local versions:

        Global versions are intended for use across the whole enterprise.

        Local versions are intended for use in your own evaluations.


We recommend that you assign authorizations for creating global versions and local versions separately. For more information, see the Configuration Guide on SAP Service Marketplace at Installation and Upgrade Guides mySAP Business Suite Solutions mySAP PLM in the section entitled “Making Settings for Version Management”.


        You defined input templates in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Structure Define Permitted Version Numbers.

        You need authorization for the CPRO_VSHDR authorization object to create and delete versions.


Versions specify the basic data for project versions, for example, the version number, the validity, and the version type (simulation or snapshot).

        A version for the version type simulation can contain any number of simulations.

        A version for the version type snapshot can contain any number of snapshots for different projects or project templates but only ever one snapshot for a project or template. If you want to create more than one snapshot for a project or template, you have to create an individual version for each snapshot.



To open version management, go to the Versions initial view and select the Version Type. Then choose Version Management.

Note the following when entering data:

        The input template specifies the form the version numbers take:

        + stands for a single character

        * stands for a string of characters of any length at the end of the version number; the maximum length is 24 characters

        The version can only be used to create a simulation or snapshot if it has been released and is valid at the time of creating the simulation or snapshot. If you do not enter a validity, you cannot use the version.

        The system automatically transfers the Archived indicator from Customizing; If it has been set you can archive the simulations and snapshots for this version but cannot delete them manually. They are then deleted in the archiving deletion run. For more information, see Deletion of Project Versions.

        You can only delete those versions that do not contain project versions.


        You select an input template SIM+++. Your version number must start with SIM and be 6 characters long in total.

        You select an input template SIM*. Your version number must start with SIM and can be of any length although the maximum total length is 24 characters.


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