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The controlling cockpit gives you an overview of all messages that are issued when you transfer your projects to Controlling or carry out costing. Once you have corrected the reason for the message, you can flag the message as completed directly in the cockpit and delete it later.


The controlling cockpit contains two types of error messages:

     Serious errors that prevent you from creating or updating the account assignment object or carrying out costing.

Once you have corrected the errors you can recreate or update from within the cockpit.


You assign a responsible organizational unit to a project. The project is transferred to SAP ECC. When you create the internal order, the system tries to determine a cost center for the responsible organizational unit. However, no cost center has been assigned to the unit. Therefore, the system cannot create the internal order.

Once you have assigned a cost center to the responsible organizational unit, you can recreate the internal order within the controlling cockpit.

     Less serious errors that do not prevent you from creating or updating internal orders. Nevertheless, you should correct these errors at a later point in time.


You release a project in cProjects, but the internal order in Controlling is locked and therefore it cannot be released automatically. You can fix the problem by unlocking the internal order, releasing it, and then resetting the lock.



You can call the controlling cockpit from within cProjects or in SAP ECC using transaction COCPCPR.

For more information, see Link to external website Controlling Cockpit Documentation.




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