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Function documentation Integration with SAP Document Management  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can manage your documents using document management (SAP DMS) and exchange documents between DMS and cProjects.


Document management (SAP DMS) corresponds to the SAP application component CA-DMS. It is part of mySAP PLM and mySAP ERP.



You can create collaborations straight from the documents in SAP DMS or add documents to existing collaborations. You can insert documents from an existing collaboration in the document structure of a DMS folder that is linked to a project element.


        Your system administrator has permitted the use of SAP document management for the current project type (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects, IMG activity Define Project Types).

        We recommend that you install SAP Easy Document Management 3.00 or higher on your PC.


        You can link project elements to existing document info records via an SAP DMS object link.

        You can create new document info records (with or without templates) and link them to project elements simultaneously.

        You can exchange documents between cProjects and SAP DMS.

        You can open the application by clicking on the document number from the document structure display or the link overview. Then click on the file name if it exists, to display the document.

        You can group the document structures for the individual project elements together to form an entire document structure that reflects the project structure. Then use the Entire Document Structure function to insert a document structure in document structures that are linked to superior project elements. If you display the document structure of a document info record that is linked to a superior project element, you will see all the document structures of lower-level project elements.


You create an entire document structure for a project status report for a program and insert all project status reports of the assigned projects in the structure.

Furthermore, you can include a document structure in the folder of an SAP DMS project status report and send it together with the report.


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