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In cFolders, cProjects, and xRPM, authorizations are controlled in the following ways:

        ABAP authorization objects and roles

This is the standard method for controlling access to transactions and programs in an SAP ABAP system. Authorizations are combined in an authorization profile that is associated with a role. User administrators can then assign the corresponding roles via the user master record, so that the user can access the appropriate transactions for his or her tasks.

For more information, see the SAP Web AS Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace at SAP NetWeaver ’04 Component Security Guides SAP Web Application Server Security Guide (ABAP + JAVA) SAP Web AS Security Guide for ABAP Technology in the section “SAP Authorization Concept”.

        Access control lists

These allow you to add another level of security by controlling authorization at object level. For example, who has authorization to change a particular project definition or collaboration.

In cProjects only, you can use two additional authorization mechanisms:

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