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Here, you can see an overview of the questionnaires that have been selected for the bucket and are associated with the current item. You can search and answer the selected questionnaire or check the score.

You navigate to the questionnaires, by choosing Portfolio Management or Item Management Item Dashboard:


       1.      Select an item.

       2.      Choose Questionnaires.

       3.      Select a questionnaire. The pop-up with questions is diplayed.



To search for a questionnaire


Sort the questionnaire list by columns. Click the heading of the column to sort in ascending order. Click again to sort in descending order.


The first row is for filtering the questionnaire list. Enter a string of characters to filter the questionnaires containing the string. Enter search strings in multiple columns to narrow the search results. Special characters are not permitted.

To work with an existing questionnaire


       1.      Click the name of the questionnaire to open the questionnaire.

       2.      Complete the Questionnaire.

       3.      Click Save to commit the answers to the database and update the score.
Click Reset to clear the answers.
Click Cancel to return to the dashboard without saving the answers.

Score Info

Click Score Info to get the score and the weighting used to calculate the score.

        Click General Information to display more information.

        To expand or collapse the entries in weighting table, click the overlapping triangles icon on the top right.

        Click Close to return to the dashboard.



The triangles at the bottom of the displayed list facilitate scrolling. The three triangles pointing down help scroll down one row at a time, one page at a time and to the last page, respectively. The three triangles pointing up perform the same function for scrolling upwards. These triangles are inactive if all questionnaires fit within a page.

Export to Excel

Export to Microsoft Excel, (right top corner above the list)

Here you can export list of select questionnaires to Microsoft Excel.


       1.      Select the items from the list

       2.      Click Export to Microsoft Excel to access the Export view.

       3.      Click TableData.xls.

Select the Questionnaires

      To select a single questionnaire from a list, choose the questionnaire.

      To select multiple questionnaires, hold down the Ctrl key and click the checkboxes corresponding to the questionnaires.

      To select a block of questionnaires, hold down the Shft key and check the first and last questionnaire of the block.



Understanding Scoring Models and Questionnaires

The scoring models among the scoring model drop down menu have been previously defined by the administrator. The administrator defines the scoring models for all items. Attributes that are available to the portfolio items (global attributes) may be used in the model.

Previously, the administrator


       1.      Created the header for a scoring model including the name and purpose of the model

       2.      Selected attributes to be included as criteria for the model

       3.      Assigned weight to the criteria

       4.      Saved and published the model to make it available for use in the system.

These are the origins for the choices in the scoring model drop down list.

For more information about scoring models, see Scoreboard.

Questionnaires are designed with categories, questions, answer ranges, and weights assigned to answers. The total sum of all the weights of all the questions should equal %100. After the administrator does the ratings, the questionnaire can be used in portfolio or strategic reviews. These questionnaires and their weightings directly inform the scoring model. There is a 1:1 correspondence between the weightings assigned to the questions/answers. Those same percentages are used in the scoring model.

The administrator selects a scoring model for a particular review. When a scoring model is selected for a review, all the items that are participating in the review will be defaulted for the scoring model. They become part of a set. They are the set whose values are compared against each other to become the score values viewable in the pop-up window.

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