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Function documentation Create New What-If Scenario (Item)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In this iView, you can either create a scenario from the selected portfolio review or modify an existing scenario. The details are categorized in different trays as follows:

        General Information: Shows regular fields such as name, description and so on.

        Items in the Scenario: Shows the items from the review copied over to scenario. You can include or exclude the items from the scenario.

        Authorizations: Shows the users and roles that are assigned to the scenario.

        Comments: Shows a log of existing comments. You can also add your own comments.

        Additional Information: Shows data for customer fields. If there are no customer fields, the Additional Information tray is not visible.

You determine which fields are visible and make settings for mandatory properties in Customizing for ABAP field configuration on the UI for the what-if scenario API.


This function is not delivered by default.


Optional Settings

Each of the categories mentioned above have corresponding visible and expanded properties so that J2EE administrator can configure the default settings.

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