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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Java/Web Dynpro (WAS 6.40 and higher)

Technical Name

Available for Portal (Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

Data Source BucketCreateApp


Available in the business package languages




This iView allows you to create a new bucket. Items can be created only in a bucket that is at the lowest level of the bucket hierarchy.

You navigate to this iView by choosing Portfolio Management Administration. Then choose Portfolio Structure of Buckets. Choose Create New or, in the navigation panel, under Actions, choose Create New Bucket.

The following views open in sequence (both are named Create New Bucket).


       1.      A bucket selection screen appears, in which you can select the parent bucket under which the new bucket is to be created. Alternatively, you can create the new bucket directly under the top level of the portfolio, without selecting a parent bucket object. You either select the indicator Select Parent Manually and select a parent bucket, or you set the indicator Create Directly Under Portfolio. Click Next.

       2.      The Create New Bucket screen displays trays that you can expand by clicking each header, or expand collectively, by clicking the arrow in the upper right of the screen. The trays are as follows:



General Information

Displays fields for entering data for bucket name, external ID, description, bucket review count, status, bucket item count .

Financial and Capacity Planning Settings

Allows you to configure item fields with appropriate scoring model or questionnaire services.

Displays fields for entering data for capacity planning start date, capacity planning end date, period breakdown, resource unit, financial planning start date, financial planning end date, currency.


Allows you to manage bucket object authorizations for this instance; to add users (resources), and add information about the user by choosing Add user manually. You can also assign different types of authorizations to users: Read, Write, Administrator, Owner, and Leader. You can also display information about authorizations inherited from other users.


Displays comments attached to the item.

You can also add comments to the item.

Field Service Configuration

On the Standard Fields tab page, you display or change the questionnaires or scoring models that are associated with the fields listed on this tab page.

On the Decision Point Fields tab page, you select the active questionnaires for the fields listed on this tab page.

After entering or changing any data, save your entries.


A portfolio must exist before a bucket can be created

Optional Settings

The UI properties for the fields displayed on the screen as UI elements, such as input fields or dropdown boxes, can be configured in the field configuration in the back-end system.

For more information about API UI Properties, see Customizing by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Global Customizing Global Field Settings Check SAP Field Configuration.


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