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Candidates are resources that you want to designate for a particular project role. They may include your personal preferences, a customer’s preferences, or resources that the resource search found to be suitable but that you do not yet want to firmly book.



You can define your candidates in the system. You can enter a note for each of your candidates, such as any agreements reached by telephone, or if the resource has accepted but you still have to speak with the manager.

The candidates are always included in the results list of the resource search, regardless of your selection criteria or the suitability rate determined by the system.

You can directly assign your candidates to the project at any time, or remove them from the candidates list.

You can e-mail candidates to notify them of the project.

When you have WFM Core running you can display the availability percentage for the candidate based on the period and the required capacity.



The candidates list displays the following information:

        Name of the resource

The name is formatted as a link to the resource’s detail data.

        Name of the person with personnel responsibility for the resource

        Name of the organizational unit


        A configurable project action used to support the staffing process


See also:

        Staffing Actions

        Storing Resources as Candidates

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