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In cProjects, you use the SAP user administration of the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) to create all users. For more information about creating users in the SAP Web AS, see the SAP Library under SAP NetWeaver Security Identity Management Users and Roles (BC-SEC-USR).

In cFolders, you use the SAP user administration of the SAP Web AS to create at least one cFolders administrator who then has authorization to create individual users locally in the cFolders application. Alternatively, you can use central user administration with the SAP User Management Engine (SAP UME), or another central user administration tool. For more information, see User Management in cFolders.

In xRPM, you can create users with the mySAP Human Resources (mySAP HR) integration scenario. You can make the relevant settings in Customizing for SAP xRPM under Global Customizing Global Settings Define Global Settings / Override Default Global Settings. For more information, see the solution management content for xRPM under Organizational Areas Product Development and Introduction Business Processes Strategic Portfolio Management Configuration Content for xPRM.

In xRPM, you can also maintain users independently of the mySAP HR integration scenario using transaction RPMUSER. You can generate user names and passwords with the BADI RPM_CREATEUSR_NAME.

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