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If you exit the display or editing view of a control plan without saving first, (for example, by returning to the start page), your data will be lost. Due to technical reasons, the system cannot display a popup asking you whether you want to save your data before you return to the start page.


      To create a control plan, you are in the Control Plans initial view.

      To open a control plan, you are in the Control Plans initial view or in a project on the Control Plans tab page.


In a project you can only display control plans, you cannot create them.

      You created a control plan template, if required (see Creating a Template).


Creating a Control Plan


       1.      Select the project for which you want to create a control plan.

Only those projects are displayed whose project type allows the use of control plans.

       2.      Enter a number for the new control plan.


The system checks whether the number has been assigned yet.

       3.      Select a template if required.


You can only use templates with the status Released.

       4.      Choose Create.

       5.      Edit the control plan (see Editing a Control Plan).

       6.      Save your entries.

Opening a Control Plan

To open an existing control plan, click the control plan number in the control plan overview for a project.


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