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This workset contains all functions that decision makers need to carry out their tasks. It corresponds to the PFCG role SAP_CPR_DECISION_MAKER in cProjects and also contains the same selection of initial views.


In Customizing for Collaboration Projects, you can change the initial views which a role sees when accessing cProjects. If you change the Customizing settings, we recommend that you also change this workset accordingly.


This workset is a showcase workset that gives you an overview of the functions that cProjects offers. We recommend that you create your own workset according to your needs.


To be able to use this workset, you have to have all the authorizations required for the backend. In addition, the authorizations in the SAP Enterprise Portal must be configured in such a way that the users of the cProjects roles can access the Portal.


The Decision Maker workset contains the following showcase pages:

This page contains the dashboard with a list of projects which you can access from there. It contains the Projects iView (

This page contains the dashboard with a list of approvals, for which you are responsible. It contains the Approvals iView (

This page contains the cProjects evaluation function. You can create and display evaluations here. It contains the Evaluations iView (


The pages correspond to the top-level entries in the stand-alone version.

For more information about the iViews named, see the iView documentation.




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