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Portfolio reviews are executed as part of a company’s business planning process which may take place annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly or ad hoc.

With this process you can prepare and execute portfolio reviews by providing reporting, scoring and simulation for a given set of portfolio items. You as the portfolio manager assign relevant portfolio items, participants and questionnaires or scoring models.

Reviews support key stakeholders to make fact-based decisions.


Process Flow


       1.      You choose for which bucket you want to create a review and whether you want to create only one review or multiple reviews.

       2.      You enter the data for the review(s).

       3.      The system displays all reviews in the Reviews view.

       4.      You edit data in the Review Overview screen.



A review is created that includes two or more items for reviewing and comparing. The reporting cockpit gives you a more analytical view on the different items that are contained in the review.


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