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Management Summary

The Business Package for Projects, Portfolio Management and Design Collaboration (PPMDC)4.0 enables you to combine strategic portfolio management with operational project management by offering access to SAP cProject Suite (cProjects and cFolders) and SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (xRPM) via SAP Enterprise Portal. You can also use the cFolders features to collaborate with external partners on (technical) project-related documents and product structure data.

Working in the portal environment, you can use generic portal features and combine your activities with other business packages such as the Business Package for Project Self-Services, which provides easy access to daily project-related activities.

SAP’s solution for project and portfolio management enables users to monitor and manage all project activities across the entire enterprise. It utilizes the capabilities of SAP project management systems and integrates seamlessly with other base systems like human resources and financial systems. It also enables users to align projects precisely with strategic business goals and achieve better, faster and more cost-effective results.

SAP’s project portfolio management capabilities give high-level visibility over the entire project portfolio, portfolio analytics and scenario modelling functionality, while delivering the functionality and seamless integration required to manage all aspects of the project portfolio effectively.

Business Value

The Business Package for PPMDC is aimed at all project stakeholders such as project leads, project members, decision makers, and persons responsible for template creation and design collaboration.

It also addresses the needs of portfolio managers/executives and resource managers who manage strategic, cross-project resource demand and capacity, as well as portfolio item stakeholders such as owners and reviewers.

Users can execute on project-related tasks as well as portfolio items. They can perform resource planning and allocation, and also view portfolio and project analytics.

The Business Package for PPMDC thus offers several advantages. It:

Technical Data


·        SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0

·        SAP xRPM 4.0 / SAP cProjects 4.0 on SAP NetWeaver 2004S

·        ERP 2005

Browser Recommendation

·        Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 on Windows

·        Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows

·        Mozilla 1.7 on MacOS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux

·        Firefox 1.0 on MacOS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux


·         CS     Czech

·         DA     Danish

·         DE     German

·         EN     English

·         ES     Spanish

·         FI            Finnish

·         FR     French

·         HU     Hungarian

·         IT       Italian

·         JA     Japanese

·         KO    Korean

·         NL     Dutch

·         PL     Polish

·         PT     Portuguese

·         RU     Russian

·         SV     Swedish

·         ZH     Chinese

Data Source

·        SAP xRPM 4.0 / SAP cProjects 4.0 on SAP NetWeaver 2004S

·        ERP 2005


No other business packages are required to implement the Business Package for PPMDC.


Not all iViews in the Business Package for PPMDC are available in all languages specified. For more information, see the technical documentation for each iView.



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