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Procedure documentation Confirming Checklist Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You are defined as the person responsible for a checklist item and have finished the checklist item. You now want to confirm the checklist item as finished in the system.


·        All tasks that belong to the checklist item have the status Completed. For more information, see Confirming Tasks.

·        You are on the Additional Data tab page in the Checklist Items or Projects initial view.

·        The checklist item has the status Released or In Process.



       1.      In the structure tree, navigate to the checklist item you want to confirm and click on it.

       2.      Enter an actual finish date in the Confirmation area, if required.

       3.      Select the entry OK or Not OK from the Result dropdown box.

       4.      Go to the Basic Data or Status tab page.

       5.      Choose Finish from the Change Status dropdown box.


The finished checklist item is given the status Finished and is confirmed in the system. It no longer appears under My Checklist Items in the Checklist Items initial view.


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