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This iView enables financial planner users to manage financial performance at bucket level. Financial planning has two views to forecast, plan, and compare the financial forecasts to the actual figures. 

This iView allows you to review the financial planning at bucket level, when it is accessed in the Portfolio Management context. (Financial Planning is also available for planning at item level, when it is accessed in the Portfolio Item context.)


Once accessed, there are financial planning views as follows:



Financial Categories

Display only

Financial Planning: Category Groups

A drill down, you can update custom fields

By clicking a specific Financial Category link, you can see the details of the category in the Financial Planning: Category Groups view.

The Financial Categories view allows you to display the data for the categories per planning periods. You can navigate the columns or periods. A financial category comprises several financial planning: category groups.

The Financial Planning: Category Groups view shows the details of a category, that is, the data for the groups. In this view, you can do the following:

        Navigate between the columns

        Update the data and the custom fields

        Filter on the category description

        Add more planning periods.

        Copy a group

        Delete a copied group

In the what-if scenario context, you compare the scenario financial planning data with the total of the simulated items in a scenario or original items in a scenario, by clicking Compare to Simulated and Original.


The bucket navigation pane must be installed

Optional Settings

The default span can be set for the desired number of columns or periods shown at start-up.

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