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You can create snapshots manually or let the system create them automatically at a given time. It is not possible to create them in accordance with specific business transactions.


A log is available after you have carried out this function and contains the following information:

        Versions that match your selection criteria

        Versions in which snapshots can currently be created

        Success message stating that a snapshot was created for the project you entered

If a snapshot could not be created, it could be because:

        The version has not been released

        The version was not valid at the appropriate point in time

        A snapshot already exists for the current project in the specified version


        To create a snapshot manually in the cProjects back-end system, choose Collaboration Projects Versions Create Snapshots in the SAP Menu and enter a version number and project number.

        To schedule the creation of snapshots in the background, choose Tools CCMS Jobs Definition in the cProjects back-end system.

Note that you have to create a separate version for each snapshot you create in the background because you can only use a version once for a project.


You want to create a snapshot every month for a whole year: Create twelve versions each with a validity period of one month and whose names all start with the same characters. Then release them. Enter a placeholder for the first characters of this name (for example, SNAP*) as a version in the batch job. When you carry out the batch job, the system checks the validity of the possible versions and creates a project version with the version that is currently valid.

Messages in the log inform you about which versions are valid and in which version a snapshot was created.


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