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You can create evaluations based on current data or based on the data that was last saved. You can display data from the evaluated project in the results view. When you do this, you can switch between the aggregated data and the data that has not been aggregated.


      Your system administrator defined the evaluations and made the required settings (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Evaluations).

      In order for data to be stored in the background, one of the following prerequisites must be met:

       Your system administrator allowed the current project type to be tested for threshold value violations either by the user or automatically by the system when you save, in Customizing for Collaboration Projects underDefine Project Types.

       Your system administrator scheduled regular data extraction in the background in the SAP menu under Collaboration Projects Evaluations Extract Project Evaluations.

      You have authorization for the authorization object CPRO_EVAL for the evaluations you want to use.


Performing Evaluations


       1.      Open the Evaluations initial view and go to the Evaluation tab page.

       2.      Select the evaluation you want to perform.

       3.      Enter the project you want to evaluate.

       4.      Choose Current Data or Saved Data to specify the data on which you want to base the evaluation.

The system performs the evaluation and displays the results in the lower screen area.

Checking Evaluation Results

The lower screen area displays the project data on which the evaluation is based. The system displays the project in the structure tree with an icon that displays whether threshold values have been violated and how critical the violation is.


The threshold value violation that is displayed here may deviate from the display in the project view because the project view also takes manual severities into account that are not included in the evaluation.

If there are multiple violations of threshold values, the one with the highest severity is displayed. You can obtain information about this violation if you position your mouse on the icon.


       1.      Expand the project structure if necessary.

       2.      Display the severities: You can also display them in aggregated form by choosing Aggregated.

       3.      To view information about a threshold value violation, choose the icon next to the project element.

The system displays the information in the right-hand screen area. If there is more than one threshold value violation for the same project element, the system displays all of them.

       4.      To return to the data of a project element, click the project element.

       5.      Click the link next to it to display details of a structure element. However, the system does not generate a link for every element type.

Performing an Evaluation from Project Processing


       1.      Open a project or navigate to the project definition in an open project.

       2.      Choose Check in the general functions.

       3.      The system performs the evaluations defined in Customizing and updates the icons accordingly. The data is saved in the background and is available for other evaluations (see the "Performing Evaluations" section).


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