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You use this function to summarize project data in reports and store them as project status reports. The reports are created as interactive PDF documents and stored either in cProjects or in document management (DMS) depending on the Customizing settings.


·        Your system administrator has made the necessary settings for using project status reports in Customizing for Collaboration Projects. For more information, see the Configuration Guide on SAP Service Marketplace under Installation and Upgrade Guides mySAP Business Suite Solutions mySAP PLM in the section entitled “Preparing the Creation of Project Status Reports”.

·        You have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader®  on your computer.


The system provides a number of different report templates depending on the project type. These can contain different kinds of data. If you want to store the reports in cProjects, the system generates a folder when creating a status report and the report is stored in this folder. If you want to store the reports in document management, you can either create your own document info records or store the reports in the document info records that already exist.

You can transfer other documents to the report folder that you can send together with the report. However, the system creates a separate folder for each status report. The name of the folder is made up of the name of the template you are using and a sequence number.

You can enter comments in the reports and save the comments so that they can be reused in the next project status report.

You can send the reports that have been created by e-mail, for example, to conveniently and easily keep stakeholders informed about the current status of the project. Once you have sent a report, you receive a confirmation e-mail that it was sent.


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