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Procedure documentation Creating Quotations for Customer Projects (PS) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this function to determine the sales price for a customer inquiry based on detailed project planning and create a quotation in the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component.

For more information on quotations and customer inquiries, see Structure link Customer Inquiries/Quotations in the SD documentation.


For information on the prerequisites, read Sales Pricing (PS) and the document in the Project System IMG under Revenues and Earnings ® Integration with SD Documents ® Assign Sales Orders to Project Account.


  1. Choose Logistics or Accounting ® Project System ® Financials ® Planning ® Sales Pricing.
  2. Specify the inquiry for which you want to generate a quotation. If the quotation is to apply only to particular items in the inquiry, specify the items concerned.
  3. You can also specify a project or WBS element as a selection criterion. For more information on how the system processes the various selection criteria when generating quotations, read Selection Criteria.

  4. If you want the system to display the quotation document for further processing, choose Extras ® Settings and select Show quotation doc. after saving in the General tab page.
  5. For more information on the settings, refer to Settings in the Sales Pricing.

  6. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Quotation.

The system may ask you to select a sales pricing document.

The system generates a quotation for the sales pricing.

  1. In the overview screen, you can, among other things:



If there is a quantity for the material in the DIP profile, the quantity for the material from project planning cannot be determined unless the quantities are convertible.

Price determination using the DIP is based on project planning. It does not include the overall costs planned in hierarchy planning for the WBS element.

Choose Extras ® Settings to stipulate which is relevant for the individual objects - the controlling area currency, object currency, or transaction currency.

Translation into the SD currency is at the rate obtaining on the price date named in the inquiry.


If the customer currency changes, the amount is not translated until you access the sales pricing and save it again.

See also: Updating Planned Revenues.

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