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The reporting cockpit is a set of real-time reports, providing information about

        Expected Commercial Value


        Risk vs. Reward

The reporting cockpit is available in the context of all main business objects (e.g. portfolio, bucket, review, what-if, collection) and can easily be customized by an administrator regarding set up of axes, chart types and displayed information. You can also generate your own reports.



The reporting cockpit contains up-to-date information regarding important key performance indicators such as risk, expected commercial value and schedules. It can be used within

        Overall portfolio

        Selected bucket

        Selected collection of portfolio items

        Selected review

        Selected What-If scenarios (for original and simulated items)

The reports explicitly contain only the relevant items within the selected subset and thus provide a valuable decision basis for portfolio managers.

You can customize existing reports or add new reports via an own cockpit configuration (available for administrators).

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