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This role is a showcase role that gives you an overview of the functions that cProjects offers. It contains all the initial views available in cProjects. We recommend that you create your own roles according to your needs.

The project manager in cProjects is responsible for creating, planning, monitoring, and completing projects. For more information about the individual tasks, see the workset descriptions in this documentation.

The project manager's tasks include the following:

      Creating projects

      Maintaining object links

      Scheduling projects

      Creating project versions

      Costing projects

      Creating evaluations

      Beginning approvals

      Archiving projects

      Creating status reports for projects

      Creating documents in cProjects

All these tasks can be carried out with the showcase workset Project Management, which is assigned to this role.

The following showcase worksets are also available, which are exemplary and correspond to the PFCG roles in cProjects:

      Decision Maker

      Project Lead

      Project Member

      Template Responsible

These worksets are not assigned to the project management role.



The page cProjects (complete) (, which combines the complete cProjects application in a single iView; cProjects (complete) (, is not assigned to any of these worksets.




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