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You can compare different data sheets with one another. For example, the manager of a collaboration may want to compare his or her original data sheet with the data sheets that have been processed by suppliers, in order to determine which is the most appropriate bid.


To use the data sheet comparison, a specification must first be created. This is normally done in the public area.

To be able to compare data sheets in Microsoft Excel, you must first install ActiveX on your local hard drive.

Requirements for this are:

        Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or higher

        Microsoft Excel 97 or higher

        Microsoft Excel must not be open during the installation

        Write authorization for the installation directory on the hard disk of the PC in question

        For the installation you do not need administration authorization for the PC in question


To install ActiveX, proceed as follows:

       1.      Select the hyperlink Compare Data Sheets in Microsoft Excel on the data sheet detail screen.

The ActiveX start page – Microsoft Internet Explorer dialog box appears.

       2.      Select Click to install.

The File Download dialog box appears.

       3.      Select Run this program from its current location and confirm with OK.

The Security Warning dialog box appears.

       4.      Answer the question on the Security Warning dialog box with Yes.

The Installation Wizard will now install ActiveX.

       5.      On the next three dialog boxes, select Next.

       6.      To complete the installation choose Finish.

ActiveX is now installed.

To carry out the data sheet comparison, proceed as follows:

        In the data sheet processing functions screen, choose Compare Data Sheets in Microsoft Excel.

If an error message appears or you have difficulty running the compare function you must check the following:

        Has cFolders been installed correctly? If not, contact your system administrator.

        Have ActiveX Controls been activated in the browser? Change the browser settings so that ActiveX Controls are supported.


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