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cProjects provides you with a way of recording changes that you can activate for the following objects:

        Checklist templates

        Project templates


        Control plans

        Control plan templates


The change documents trigger a workflow.


        Your system administrator has activated the recording changes option for the individual objects (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects, IMG activity Activate Change Documents).

        You have set the Display Change Documents indicator in the user settings on the General tab page.

        You need administration authorization for an object to be able to see the changes recorded for the object.


If the option for recording changes is active for an object, changes you make to dependent objects are also recorded. For example, the system not only records changes you make to the project itself, but also records the changes to subobjects and dependent objects such as the phases, checklists, the approval, the project roles, and so on. For example, if you want to record changes to project roles, the recording option must be active for projects.

The system does not record changes to the following objects:

        Object links

        Long texts


You can display a selection of the changes made within a certain period of time for all project elements as well as for checklist templates and project templates. This function is on the Change Documents tab page.


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