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Procedure documentation Creating Additional Data for a Phase  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have created a phase (see Creating Project Elements) and are in the maintenance view of this phase on the Additional Data tab page.


You cannot make any changes if you opened a snapshot.


Advanced Area


       1.      Enter a Grouping, if required.

Grouping allows you to group together phases in one category. You can select the grouping of your choice. It is an additional search criterion in the search function for finding a phase.

       2.      Enter a search term in the Search Field, if required.

The system also uses the search term as an additional search criterion in the search function.

       3.      Select the Calendar you want to use for this project, if required.

The calendar influences scheduling. You use it to determine, for example, whether all weekdays or only working days are taken into consideration.

In the standard system, the same calendar is used for the phase and the project definition. If you want to use a different calendar select it here.

Administration Area

Here you see who created and changed the phase on which date.

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