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A set of portfolio items grouped together for simulation purposes.



What-if scenarios enable you to group portfolio items together in order to simulate the impact of changes by varying attributes such as budget, time, and resources. Within a what-if scenario, you can plan financials and capacity and additional key performance indicators and compare the simulated figures against the targets of the scenario and the original data of the selected portfolio items.

A separate reporting cockpit for all items within the what-if scenario is available to compare simulated vs. original key performance indicators like risk, reward, ECV, and schedule.



The what-if scenario operates on versions of the items within the scenario.

Access authorizations can be given to invited stakeholders and comments can be saved along with the scenario.

Separate dashboards with corresponding key performance metrics and indicators are available for the simulated and original items and can be compared within one view.



A what-if scenario is defined within a review and can contain all or some of the items of the review.

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