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The WebDAV protocol specifies that each object in a collection (an object that can contain other objects) has a unique name.


If, due to security reasons, objects with the same name are permitted, do not use the WebDAV interface.

Displaying Existing Objects via the WebDAV Interface

If two documents or folders with the same name exist in a single folder, this causes errors in WebDAV applications.

      In order to identify the existing objects correctly, the WebDAV interface uses the following method to ensure that the names of project elements (cProjects) and collaborations and work areas (cFolders) are unique: The object type and a unique number are added on to the end of the name after a tilde.

      The user must ensure that no folder names or document names appear more than once within a single folder.

Creating and Renaming Objects via the WebDAV Interface

When folders or documents are created or renamed via the WebDAV interface, the WebDAV application checks whether the new name is unique.

This check only produces the correct result if the user has all the necessary authorizations and can see all the objects in the folder.

      For example, the user is editing folder A. This folder contains the document AB.doc. The user does not have read authorization for this object and therefore, cannot see it. If this user wants to create a new document with the name AB.doc in folder A, he or she can do this without receiving any error messages.

      A user who has read authorization for all the objects in folder A (for example, the user for indexing) will then receive an error message for the content of folder A.


We recommend that all users who edit documents and folders in a collection have read authorization for all the objects in this collection.

Creating and Renaming Objects via cProjects and cFolders


You cannot use the user interface of the cProjects application to create and change documents and folders that have the same name.


In the standard system, you can create folders with the same name by means of the user interface of the cFolders application or using the APIs.

      If you want to avoid duplicate names, you can implement and activate the CFX_UNIQUE_FOL_NAMES BAdI in Customizing for Collaboration Folders. If you do this, the system issues an error message when the user tries to create a folder with the same name as an existing one. The default implementation supplied by the system can be found in the class CFX_UNIQUE_FOL_NAMES_DEFAULT.

For more information, see Customizing for Collaboration Folders under Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) Check Whether Duplicate Folder Names Can Be Created.

      If you want to check whether folders with the same name occur in the same collection in your cFolders repository, use the CFX_UNIQUE_FOLDER_NAMES report. This report also gives you the option of automatically renaming folders that have the same name. This ensures that the names are unique.

      It is advisable to put organizational measures in place to ensure that documents are always assigned unique names.


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