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cProject Suite


cFolders uses the ECL viewer for viewing and redlining graphical formats. The ECL viewer is installed on the front end (browser) and therefore HTTP(S) is also used to communicate with the ECL viewer. The same security measures as for communication to and from the front end apply. For more information about security measures for HTTP(S) and RFC communication, see Communication Channel Security.

Certain types of information can be automatically sent to users by e-mail, for example, information about a change to an object, or logon information for new users. Since e-mails are potentially unsafe, all e-mails except those containing logon information contain uncritical information. You can switch off the mechanism for sending logon mails, as described in the solution management content for cFolders under Solutions mySAP PLM SAP cProject Suite 4.00 Basic Settings for cFolders Business Customizing Enabling E-Mails for cFolders.


When transferring projects to Microsoft Project only the information for which the user has at least read authorization is transferred. The protection of this downloaded data is not part of the cProjects security model. When the user saves the project to his or her hard drive, the system does not perform an authorization check if somebody else opens the project again in Microsoft Project.


For the Microsoft Project Server Integration, a Project Data Services (PDS) extender is required to support the integration with xRPM. This extender is available on the SAP Developer Network (SDN).

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