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Process documentation Creation of Data for a Task  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In this process, you enter all the data for the task.


You created a task (see Creating Project Elements).

Process Flow


       1.      You enter the basic data for the task (see Creating Basic Data for a Task).

       2.      You enter the additional data for the task (see Creating Additional Data for a Task).

       3.      You check the status information for the project element.

       4.      You assign documents (see Assigning Documents and Creating Folders).

       5.      You create collaborations (see Creating a Collaboration).

       6.      You link objects with the task (see Creating an Object Link).

       7.      You enter the qualifications necessary for completing the task (see Defining Qualifications).

       8.      You define the relationships of the task (see Editing the Relationship Between Tasks).

       9.      You assign authorizations for the tasks (see Assigning Authorizations).


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