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A project role represents a position in a project that is to be filled by a business partner, for example, the role of consultant in a consulting project.

The project role describes which type of resource is required in a project, that is, which function the resource carries out in the project. The project role includes information about the qualifications that the resource should have and when and for how long the resource should be available.


A similar resource description exists in Organizational Management. Here, the positions describe the resources required for the organizational plan.



You create project roles according to the planned requirement for a project, thereby creating the foundation of Resource Planning. You can only assign tasks, staff roles with resources, and therefore complete resource planning, once you have created the project roles.


For more information about creating project roles, see Creating a Project Role.

Project roles can have the following statuses:

      A red icon if the project role is not staffed

      A yellow icon if the project role is partially staffed

      A green icon if the project role is fully staffed


You can define the following attributes for each project role:

      The qualifications a resource requires to be able to fulfill the project role

      The tasks that a resource is to work on

      The work and time frame for the individual tasks

Once you have assigned tasks to the project role and staffed the project role with resources, you can check whether all assignments and staffings are consistent. To do so, choose Check.



You use the DPR_TRUNCATE Business Add-In (BAdI) to control whether or how the system is to delete or truncate the project roles and staffings when an operational project is completed or if it is canceled. For more information, see Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Resource Management Basic Settings for Project Roles BAdI: Control Truncation and Deletion of Roles and Staffings.



The project role overview with the current status and assigned resources is always displayed in the screen area on the left in the project role definition.


You can sort the project roles at any time to get a better overview. See Sorting Project Roles.

In the screen area on the right, you define the business attributes of each project role and assign persons to it. The following tab pages are available:

      General (detail view for the project role)


      Staffing Process






      Shopping Cart


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