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Evaluations give you an overview of your project data. When you create an evaluation, the system checks whether predefined threshold values have been violated. You can base your evaluation on the current project data or the last version of the data that was saved in the background. Data is saved in the background if you start a manual evaluation or if a background program is performing an evaluation.

You can create evaluations for both operational projects and project versions by making the appropriate selection under Evaluations for.

If a project contains a mirrored task , this is taken into account during the evaluation.


Evaluation results are used to highlight critical projects, for example, in the favorites list and the project list on the start page. Furthermore, the threshold values appear on the Status tab page for a project element (see Status Information for Project Element).


      Your system administrator defined evaluations and made the required settings (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects Evaluations).

      In order for data to be stored in the background, one of the following prerequisites must be met:

       Your system administrator has allowed the user to check threshold value violations or have them checked automatically when you save, for the current project type (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Define Project Types).

       Your system administrator scheduled regular data extraction in the background in the SAP Menu under Collaboration Projects Evaluations Extract Project Evaluations.


Aggregating Data

Your system administrator can specify for each project type that the severities in a project are to be displayed in aggregated form. The use of aggregated values allows you to tell at a glance if threshold value violations exist somewhere in the project.

The aggregated value of a project element is the highest severity of the subordinate elements or of the corresponding project element itself; a severity that is set manually, however, takes precedence over one set automatically. Therefore, the aggregated value is produced as follows:

      If a manual severity exists, this is the highest degree of severity for a project element irrespective of whether there are higher automatic severities.

      If no manual severity exists, the highest severity of a project element is the highest severity out of all your own severities, both automatic and aggregated.

The following graphic explains the logic:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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