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The portfolio manager can use various dashboards that support him in tracking the items' status, using the key performance indicators of the items. Dashboards are available for items, buckets, questionnaires, portfolio reviews, etc.

You use this function to capture portfolio analytics and reports of portfolio item objectives, costs, timelines, financials, resources, risks and other critical factors. As an executive you can regularly review the entire portfolio, spread human and financial resources appropriately and adjust portfolio items to produce the highest returns.



You have connected SAP BW to your application.



        You see an overview of the portfolios and their key performance indicators in the portfolio dashboard.

        You see an overview of the items with their key performance indicators in the item dashboard.

        By choosing Portfolio Management Reports and Analytics, you can display an analysis of costs, financial and capacity planning, expected commercial value, risks and rewards, development cost distribution and portfolio items in development.


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