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The navigation panel is the main navigation component for maneuvering back and forth between pages and objects. It occupies the left hand side of the screen (dynamic navigation area).

The navigation panel exists for the following contexts:

        Reports and Analytics

        Portfolio Management

        Item Management

        Resource Management



You have configured the navigation panel entries in Customizing, by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Global Customizing Process and Service Settings Define Navigation.


The navigation panel contains several areas and corresponding functions:

Area Features



Sizing Bar (topmost row)

Triangle facing left in left hand corner

Reduce the size of navigation panel progressively.

Triangle facing right

Enlarge the size of the navigation panel progressively.

Triangle on extreme right of navigation panel

Collapse the navigation panel.

Triangle that appears when navigation panel is collapsed

Expand the navigation panel.

View History


By clicking this link, the list of recently visited screens is displayed and you can choose to move across more than one screen at a time by clicking the desired link. The history is cleared every time the portfolio is changed or the second level portal navigation has been used.

Back arrow

By clicking this link, you can move to the previous screen.

Forward arrow

By clicking this link, you can go forward to the page visited before the Back arrow was selected.

Object Information


Displays the current object you have selected and its hierarchy in a portfolio, bucket, review, item etc..

Change Portfolio

Change or set default portfolio



Only available in portfolio management context

You can change the portfolio and set the default portfolio that shall open, each time you log on. The default portfolio is dependent on the user log-in. Additionally, you must have authorization for the selected default portfolio.


       1.      Click Other Portfolios in the navigation panel.

       2.      Set the Set Selected Portfolio as Default indicator.

       3.      Scroll to identify the desired portfolio.

       4.      Click the desired portfolio.

The selected portfolio will be set as the default portfolio and shall be opened.


List (contextual)

By clicking one of these links, you access the details pertaining to the current object.


List (contextual)

By clicking one of these links, you initiate an action on an object, in the context of the current object.


This area is not available in the resource management context.



This is a full text search feature. Enter the Name of an object, select the option from Within area, and click the Search to locate the object. For more detailed search, you can use the advanced search.


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