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Procedure documentation Beginning an Approval  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


        You created an approval and entered a decision maker (see Creating an Approval).

        You opened a project for editing (see Opening a Project or Project Version) and are on the Approval tab page.

        The phase to which the approval belongs has the status Released and all approval-relevant tasks and checklist items have been completed or finished (see Confirming Tasks and Confirming Checklist Items).



       1.      In the structure tree navigate to the phase you want to approve.

       2.      Choose Begin Approval.

       3.      The system starts the approval process:

        It creates an approval document containing all phase-relevant data.

        The approval appears in the Approvals initial view for the decision makers. The decision makers can grant or reject the individual approval.

        The phase receives the status For Approval.


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