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Procedure documentation Editing a Status Transition  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You edit a status transition if you want an action to be carried out at the same time as the status transition of an object, for example, if you want a status action to be sent.


You are working in the status profile detail screen, on the Status Transitions tab page.


       1.      Choose Create.

The Create Status Transition screen is displayed.

       2.      Enter a name for the status transition and choose an initial status and a target status for it from the dropdown box.

       3.      Choose Save (or Save & Next if you want to create more status transitions).


Your status transition has been created. If you want to create Actions for the Status Transition (for example, a status action), choose the relevant status transition from the overview and choose Create. You can choose whether the message text is generated by the system (Automatic Text Generation) or must be entered manually (Manual Text Generation), in other words, you can choose whether to send an automatic status action or a manual status action. 


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