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With this process you can set up the portfolio structure according to the organizational structure of the company. Thus, you can allocate the budget or resource on bucket level according to the area where you want to invest.

The overall structure of a portfolio is reflected in the hierarchy of buckets. This allows you a flexible categorization of portfolios.

SAP xRPM supports multi-level portfolio hierarchies. Portfolios can have several bucket hierarchies, which could for example represent product lines, organizational or regional structures.


Process Flow


       1.      You create a portfolio and enter the data in the Portfolio Overview view.

       2.      You create a bucket and enter the data in the Bucket Overview screen. The first bucket will be subordinate to the portfolio. For each new bucket you create you decide whether you want it to be subordinate to the portfolio or to another bucket.

       3.      The system displays the hierarchical structure of buckets in the Portfolio Structure of Buckets view.

       4.      The system displays an overview of all portfolio items in the Item Dashboard view.



Once you have set up the bucket hierachy, you can add items to the buckets, plan the budgets and the resources and do the assignment accordingly.


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