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Web Dynpro for ABAP provides a general, cross-application concept for personalizing the user interface. You can use this to personalize the user interface on a user-specific basis or an administrator can use it to personalize the user interface on a general basis for all users in a client of a particular system. For more information about the personalization options in Web-Dynpro-ABAP applications, see SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver under SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability Application Platform by Key Capability ABAP Technology UI Technology Web UI Technology Web Dynpro ABAP Web Dynpro ABAP: Development in Detail Advanced Concepts Personalization and Configuration Personalization.


You have installed SAP NetWeaver 2004s (SP08 or higher).


You can personalize the cProjects interface according to your requirements, for example, you can hide interface elements, such as table columns. If you use the cross-application personalization option, you can hide and change the order of tab pages. If you use the user-specific personalization option, you can hide tab pages.


To personalize interface elements in cProjects, click your chosen element with the secondary mouse button and make your selection from the menu that appears.


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