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Procedure documentation Creating a Soft Booking for a Resource  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this procedure to create a soft booking a resource for a project. This procedure triggers a workflow and your request is forwarded to the responsible line manager who can approve or reject the booking. For more information, see Workflow for Resource-Booking Statuses.



      You have the required staffing authorization.

      You have defined Soft Booked as the default booking type for resources by implementing the method SET_DEFAULTS_UPON_CREATION of the BAdI: Check/Change Fields in cProjects for the filter BAG (Business Partner Links). You can find this BAdI in Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Global Enhancements to Project Elements  Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)  BAdI: Check/Change Fields in cProjects.



       1.      Open a project and navigate to the Resources tab page within the project.

       2.      Create a new role or open an existing role.

       3.      Go to the Staffing tab page within the role.

       4.      Find and assign a resource to the role.

       5.      Select the Res. checkbox in the staffing table for the resource that was assigned in the previous step.



The line manager of the soft booked resource receives an e-mail asking him or her to approve or reject the booking by executing a work item in the inbox of his or her universal worklist.

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