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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Java/Web Dynpro (WAS 6.40 and higher)

Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

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In this iView, you can create a new or enter an existing collaboration room (cRoom) for a selected item. A cRoom is a shared workspace where item members can collaborate on project-specific topics by holding meetings, sharing documents, and having private and public discussions.

You navigate to this iView by choosing Portfolio Management Portfolio Management or Item Management. In theItem Dashboard, select an item. From theItem Overview, choose Collaboration Room.

You create a collaboration room manually as follows:


       1.      In the Room Name field, enter a room name.

       2.      In the Room Description field, enter a room description or accept the default description.

       3.      In the Room Category field, select one of the predefined room categories.

       4.      In the Room Members table, you can browse the list of room members.

The members assigned to the room are by default the resources attached to the item and their roles in the room are based on their Item roles (for example, the item admin user is the room administrator, the item members are the room members).

For each room member, you see the room member name, user ID, portal user name, and room role.

To view the details of a room member, click on the room member name.

       5.      Choose Save.

The system creates the room and displays an information message.

       6.      To enter the room, choose Enter Room.


You can only create one collaboration room for each item.


You can create a collaboration room automatically as follows:


       1.      To configure the settings, in the portal, choose Content Administration Portal Content Content Provided by SAP End User Content Project, Portfolio and Design Collaboration iViews Portfolio Management.

       2.      Doubleclick Collaboration Room.

       3.      In the right area, change the entry in the Application Parameter field from AutomaticCreateRoom=NO&DefaultTemplate=SAP_Meeting_Room to AutomaticCreateRoom=YES&DefaultTemplate=SAP_Meeting_Room.

       4.      Make sure the SAP_Meeting_Room template exists in the cRoom templates list, by choosing Content Administration Collaboration Content Room Template Administration. You can also replace the SAP_Meeting_Room template with an existing template which you want to use while automatic creation.

       5.      Choose Save and close the iview.

       6.      To create a collaboration room automatically, choose Portfolio Management Item Dashboard.

       7.      Click an item which does not have any cRoom. The item details are displayed in the right area. In the navigation panel, choose Collaboration Room.

       8.      The cRoom is created automatically when you click Collaboration Room from the Item Overview view and the cRoom link is displayed.

       9.      To enter the room, choose Enter Room.


You can only create one collaboration room for each item.



        In the portal, you have installed Collaboration along with Knowledge Management.

        You have created collaboration room templates and categories.


Optional Settings

You can modify the property settings with the property editor in the J2EE Visual Administrator.


       1.      You do this by choosing the server instance, for example F15, then choose Server Services Configuration Adapter.

       2.      Choose the tab page Runtime and then the sub tab page Display configuration.

       3.      Browse to webdynpro xapps~cprxrpm~ui~collroomin Components

If you want to change the Propertysheet profile file, switch to edit mode.


Application Parameters:



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