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Notifications that are sent to (and received by) participants in collaborations. They are sent within cFolders by a person or, for special functions, by the system.


If you choose Received Notifications in the overview tree, the system displays an overview of all notifications you have received. This screen gives you several options for managing these notifications.

You can choose Hide to hide messages that you do not want to delete, but also do not want in the overview. You can also delete your notifications, and to display them, you simply select the name of the notification in the Subject column. You can also delete notifications.

The Collaboration filter allows you to select one of your collaborations and to display only those notifications that you have received for that specific collaboration. In the drop down list box, only those collaborations for which you have actually received notifications are offered for selection. Alternatively, you can select All to show all of your notifications. If you have selected a collaboration or All, choose Select.

The notification filter allows you to filter according to whether the notifications have been read or not, or whether they have been hidden.

The Sent Notifications function provides you with an overview of all the notifications that you have sent.


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