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You can export a project or version in cProjects to Microsoft® Project. After the export, you can use all the functions available in Microsoft Project.


Due to different scheduling types and calendars, the scheduling results in Microsoft Project could differ from those in cProjects.

For more information about the export to Microsoft Project (Server), see SAP Note 983597.


·         You have set up a connection between your cProjects system and Microsoft Project Server 2003.

·         You have performed the relevant activities in Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Connection to External Systems Microsoft Project Integration Microsoft Project Server Integration.


Exporting Objects

You can only export the project definition from cProjects to a new Microsoft Project project in Microsoft Project Server (by selecting a Microsoft Project Server project template). You cannot export other project elements, for example, phases, tasks, and checklists.

The system automatically transfers the description and the start and finish date from the project definition. Your system administrator can also specify other attributes in Customizing.


You can start the export of an operational project from the editing view of a project at project definition level or from the Projects initial view. Choose Export and enter your data. You can start the export of a project version from the editing view of an open version or from the Versions initial view.


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