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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Remote BSP iView on WAS

Technical name

Available for Portal (Release)

SAP EP 6.0

Data Source

This iView is based on the cFolders Business Server Page (BSP) col_ov.htm?p_scenario=competition.


Available in the business package languages




Range of Functions

This iView enables you as the collaboration manager, to create, edit, delete, and archive collaborations with a public area and a separate work area for your external partners in a competitive scenario for cooperation, for example, between team members and external partners. As the partner (supplier), you can display collaborations or edit them. Furthermore, both roles give you the option of filtering data by collaborations in your collaboration overview using the various filter criteria that belong to the table filter.


You have implemented Collaboration Folders (cFolders) 4.0.

Optional Settings

The content administrator can change the system property, if necessary.

For more information on changing the system property, see the Optional Settings section under Collaborative Scenarios.

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