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You use this workset to select substitute(s) to cover all or certain areas of portfolio areas, such as portfolios, buckets, items, reviews, and collections. Your substitute has the same authorization as you in the assigned portfolio area. You can delete the name of your substitute when it is not necessary.


You have made the Customizing settings for substitutes in the back-end system, by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Global Customizing Portfolio-Independent Settings Maintain Objects for Substitution.


The Substitute workset contains the following information:

Substitutes iView

Item Details (Sub) page with the Item Details (Sub)iView

Item Details Collection (Sub) page with the Item Details Collection (Sub) iView

Review Details (Sub) page with the Review Details (Sub) iView

Portfolio Details (Sub) page with the Portfolio Details (Sub) iView

Bucket Details (Sub) page with the Bucket Details (Sub) iView

Collection Details (Sub) page with the Collection Details (Sub) iView


For more information about the iViews named, see the iView documentation.

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